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5 miles 2 go Draft along with other cars, take the lead and win!
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Game Article:
5 Miles 2 Go An addictive racing game, 5 Miles 2 Go is a definite winner in its own class. The game is basically a side scroller and is a unique take on racing through. It is a Nascar style game and you need to use the concept of drafting in the game. Drafting is something which works in the game and you only need to worry about drafting properly, if you plan to win the race. As the game starts, you are allowed to have an introduction first. Since drafting is a unique concept, it needs to be established first. In this addictive game, drafting, the process of coupling a slower car with the faster ones to gain extra speed boost, has been done. Your sole aim is to win the race using the basics of drafting. As the game starts, you are placed third in the row of five cars. You need to adjust your vehicle in such a way that you finish as the first. This requires intelligent selection of the car groups in the game and makes for a challenging experience. The game is a race which is spread over a five mile course and in these five miles, you need to adjust your car in such a way, based on drafting, that you finish as the top shot of the game. The game also has the concept of driver stats. These stats tell you about the reputation of the driver and are frequently stored to show driver caliber. Overall, the game is very addictive because of the unique take on the concept of racing. Drafting scores well amongst us, and that is why the game gets a good score on our review.
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