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Darkness Guide your way through the levels using a flare.
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Game Article:
Darkness An addictive game where you have to complete the levels which are plagued by the evils of darkness, Darkness is all about guiding your ship through the levels on the basis of skill and instinct. The game is mainly about taking your ship around the levels which are covered with darkness. You need to make sure that you do not hit any of the walls or extremities of the level, else you would destroy the vehicle which you are guiding. The game lets you take control of the ship and its flaring ability which allows you to shoot flares for illuminating the surroundings. Apart from the flare capability, you need to rely on your memory and the ability of charting out the course of the level for arriving to the portal safely. Overall, Darkness is different and has a unique game play which makes it extremely addictive.
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