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Mad Monday Somebody has a case of the mondays... and is taking their frustrations out with a bout of road rage.
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Game Article:
Mad Monday An addictive game where you take on the streets and destroy everything on Mondays, Mad Monday is all about your sickness and your attempts to cure it through the innovative road rage mechanism. The game is mainly about the bouts of road rage that you get on Mondays which force you to take the frustration out in the form of road rage. The game is extremely addictive because it gives you a chance of going all out and destroying everything without any consequences. You have different vehicles to take care of, police cars to smash, bikes to damage and police crafts to escape. You are even given a weapons system which can be used to shoot down various cars and force them off the road. Overall, the game is extremely addictive and has lots of content for the racing games lovers with a destructive aspect.
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