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Bomb Diggity Defuse bombs while avoiding the enemy patrols. Time is of the essence.
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Game Article:
Bomb Diggity An addictive game which lets you do different things for clearing the levels, Bomb Diggity is all about defusing the bombs before they go off and fighting the evil henchmen so that they can be defeated in their mission of blowing up the town. The game is mainly about three things which let you survive the whole ordeal in the game play. The basic game play is all about preventing the bombs from exploding and rescuing the hostages while fighting the henchmen so that they cannot stop you from defusing the bombs. You need to move pretty quickly in the game so that you can reach the bombs before they explode and defuse them on time. Apart from that, you need to fight the henchmen and give them a solid beating so that they don’t return. Overall, the game is extremely addictive and fun to play with some amazing moments.
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