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Epic Battle Fantasy RPG where you level up by killing monsters with your spells and weapon strikes.
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Game Article:
Epic Battle Fantasy An addictive game which lets you have the classic RPG fun in an online game format, Epic Battle Fantasy is all about gaining experience and skill points by defeating monsters and then using them in higher stages to save your kingdom. The game is a classic RPG so not much description is needed for the title. You mainly need to select a character, build it up by using the skill points and experience and use them for fighting tougher battles and monsters. The game revolves around potions as the main powers, where you need to purchase and use potions for surviving in the game. The money comes through the battles and this makes the game really engrossing and addictive. The inclusion of bonus quests increases the life of this online game. There is no reason for you to not play this game, especially due to the addictive game play and deep story.
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