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Bummin a Ride Hitchhike across the country to win a million dollars!
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Game Article:
Bummin a Ride An addictive racing game about hitchhiking vehicles and reaching the border before getting caught, Bummin a Ride is all about the adrenaline rush associated with chases and racing in one online package. The game is a combination of various things that need to be done for reaching your destination. The game follows a story, where you have inherited 1 million dollars and you need to go to LA from NY to claim them in 25 days, or the money goes to charity. Thus, you need to choose your actions correctly and reach the city before you run out of time. The game is really interesting because it offers you various different things which can be done for completing the day to day jobs in the game. You need to earn money, keep yourself healthy and reach LA in 25 days. Overall, the game is definitely addictive due to the content and the mini games in it.
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