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Christopher Reeve-Lander Oh... so wrong.
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Game Article:
Christopher Reeve Lander An addictive game with classic game play, Christopher Reeve Lander is a game about flying the wheelchair around. The game play asks you to collect the stem cells which are required by Christopher Reeve for research. You need to move Christopher around on his flying wheelchair and guide him safely through the level while collecting the stem cells. The major components of the game are flying, landing and collecting. For the flying part, you need to move him around on his wheelchair but there are certain things which you need to avoid. For example, sign boards and rooftops can hit the wheelchair and make it lose control. You need to avoid the objects so that you do not get hit and lose points. Apart from that, you also need to take care of the fuel which is running out fast. This fuel is used to power the wheelchair and can be replenished by collecting power ups through the level. For the landing, you need to follow the landing points which guide you to the next stage or level. While landing, you need to be careful and should make the landing as slow as possible. Soft landing prevents crashes and thus you lose lesser points if you make a soft landing. Collecting the stem cells is the final major component. Since these are laid across the level and are mainly guided by the landing points, you don?t need to stress much on this. Each level has a certain number which needs to be collected in three lives, and it gets ticked once you collect them. Overall, the game is quite addictive and funny, especially when the wheelchair crashes into the surroundings. The sound effects are good and it is a game which has sufficient content to get you addicted.
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