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Winter Rider Take your motorcycle into the snow and try not to slip. Good luck.
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Game Article:
Winter Rider An addictive game about biking in the snow for some nice rewards and insane stunts, Winter Rider is all about demonstrating your riding skills by choosing the challenging snow plains. The game is a true racing game where you need to demonstrate your skills on a different platform. You have the snow to race upon and this is where it becomes challenging. The slippery snow environment challenges you to time your moves perfectly and race around in a near perfect fashion. You need to rely on your extreme racing skills for clearing every level of this game because it can be too demanding in terms of the level requirements. The game is completely level based and it is mainly about racing your bike against your opponents on the snowy fields. You have to become unbeatable at the slippery snow surface and the game has the training mode precisely for that. You have a nice setup in the game which appeals due to the challenge being offered. You have to bring together racing and moves in the game for clearing the levels. The game has the simple quarry mode and the championship mode. The quarry mode is simply about hitting some stunts and earning points on the snowy fields while the championship mode is all about winning the races being held in the snowy arcade. You have to perform stunts and be the first to win if you wish to clear every race of the championship mode. The game has some nice graphics and interesting sounds being put together for complete arcade fun in an online format. Overall, the game is extremely addictive and challenging in terms of the racing requirements its asks for, and this makes it really entertaining.
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