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VK 1939 Real Time Strategy game. Upgrade your units along the way to get bigger and better ones!
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Game Article:
VK 1939 An addictive game about practicing the best army moves known to you, VK 1939 is a real time strategy game with complete effects and a lot of customizability to have a new outcome every time you try the game. The game is mainly a war based strategy game, where you need to get your troops into the war, manage them and make them more effective as you go along the warpath. You have a nice setup in this addictive game, which is all about upgrading your units with cash earned and using them in beautifully done fighting sequences. You have various enemies at different levels, and this makes it more fun to play. VK 1939 is a complete war based strategy game where you need to proceed in levels and face newer and powerful enemies every time you try. The main game play focuses on using your resources well and distributing them among various departments for having maximum effect and devising plans for winning the war. The game is divided into scenarios, which function as levels forming the part of the complete war. Every level is important in your progress, and has a huge impact on the final outcome of the war. You have various units in your army which need your attention. You need to distribute your upgrade points in such a way that you have a balanced development. You have Bombers, Mechanics and Bazookamen which form your basic army. Further upgrades are possible at higher levels. Overall, the game is a complete strategic game and offers you several addictive hours of game play. The entire game play is entertaining and mind boggling, something which isnít found in every title online.
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