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Kinetikz 2 Fun level based kinetics game.
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Game Article:
Kinetikz 2 An addictive game which lays its base on the laws of kinetics and physics, Kinetikz 2 lets you have a lot of fun with the arrangement and the physical laws of nature. The game is mainly about enjoying the entire setup which has been created in such a way that you are required to use and employ all your knowledge in the field of physics and kinetics. The real winner of the game is the level design, which has been designed to make you use the nooks and crannies of the kinetic world, and clear the levels on the basis of the working of kinetics. Starting with the actual game, the entire experience is level based, where you need to finish the levels by applying your brains. The game is more or less, a puzzle game where you have to fight with science for ensuring your win. Now, the game play is based on guiding the puck to its destination by firing balls at the puck. These balls push the puck as per the hit by the ball, and this happens due to the laws of science. Initial levels just require you to perform some simple moves, while the tougher levels are more about moving the board and guiding the puck by using balls and the movement through the board. Every correct move gives you points, while the incorrect moves take away the life points which are given to you after each level. Overall, the game is quite addictive and is extremely fun due to the different style of game play being offered by the title. You have the laws of science and motion as your contenders, instead of zombies, robots or space ships.
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