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VXRacing Fun and fast paced 2d racing game.
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Game Article:
VXRacing An addictive racing game which brings a new definition to the word racing, VXRacing is addictive, fun and very interesting. The game sets the theme of every race with the addictive and racy sound tracks reserved for it. The entire game play is about a two dimensional setup where you need to race an opponent to the finish. You need to play the entire level of 4 laps and beat the opponent to the line. The game starts with a fast track of settings where you need to select your vehicle, the graphics quality and the game play options. You can select a race against the computer, a simple demo race or a multiplayer race against another player. Each of the modes is quite addictive and you need to try them out. The game also provides you with three different cars according to your racing style. You have VXR220 with an awesome grip, Astra VXR with a complete experience and Monaro VXR with a high speed and muscle. After choosing the right car from the given ones, you need to race around on the tracks made for addictive racing. You have an interesting level and track design, with difficult tracks after each level. You even have the concept of power ups in the game, which can increase the variety in the game. The option of multiplayer is another interesting addition which sets the pace of the game. Overall, the game is quite addictive due to the different game modes provided by it and the entire setup. The total sound system and the game system is addictive and you have a winner of a racing game here!
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