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Mirrors Edge Very fun physics based game where you can run jump slide and climb through a city. Press S to Jump.
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Game Article:
Mirrors Edge An addictive game about bending the rules of physics, Mirrors Edge follows the concept of the outstanding PC game which was released this year. The game can be called a stripped down, addictive version of the full fledged game. You need to scale the city heights and complete various missions for travelling in the game. You are the protagonist of the game, and your main job is to transfer messages from one place to another by using your skills and speed. The game is set in a futuristic world, where movement is something which is required for delivering a powerful performance. The game is mainly about completing the levels which are based on sending messages from one place to another. You are a trusted delivery person of these messages, which are to be hidden from the eyes of the government and are to be delivered with full stealth and secrecy. Moreover, you need to use some additional stuff which can be found in the level itself. The game is quite deep in terms of what all you can do with the setup, and this is what makes it addictive. The background music and the entire graphics setup is also entertaining and of top notch quality. You have a nice assortment of moves, weapons and power ups which enhance the game play experience and increase its replaybility. Also, you are given a limited number of tries for every message, so make sure that you do not get caught or are unable to deliver the messages. Overall, the game is quite addictive and very interesting due to the different experience it offers in terms of an online game. A must try for all game players who love games with a different feel to them.
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