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Lord of War Turret defense game you must defend yourself from the invading armies or earth will be destroyed!
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Game Article:
Lord of War An addictive game about defending the Planet Earth, Lord of War puts you in charge of the turrets defending the planet from alien attacks. Your job is to save the planet from these attempts by the alien civilizations in the given time. The game is mainly about building towers to protect the area and kill all the creeps inside the maze. You need to kill all the creeps before they escape the maze, and this can be done by placing the correct towers and appropriate places in the game. You have some basic towers which can be made in the game to start with, and more towers can then be added to control your maze. The game offers Santinel and Canon tower as the main ones initially. You need to build these and collect resources like gold and experience to build more towers. These resources are given by killing the creeps in the maze, and then getting more towers. Each of the towers is more powerful than its predecessors, and has some special powers too. You can even upgrade the towers using the gold earned by killing the creeps. Upgrading the towers gives them more firepower and more damage which can be lethal to the smaller creeps. You are even allowed to sell these towers, get the gold and then employ other types of towers for a different defense strategy. You can control the incoming horde of creeps, just to test the ability of your defense. Overall, the game is quite addictive and a complete defense game. Upgrading, testing, and employing the best strategy is a part of the addictive game play being offered by this title.
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