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Trapshoot Time to test out that new shotgun!
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Game Article:
Trapshoot An addictive game which puts you in a shooting arena, Trapshoot lets you practice and have fun with your buddies in the game of trap shooting. The game is mainly about bringing together a group of friends and having fun with them while you enjoy shooting at your ranch. The game is basically about competing with your friends in the addictive trap shooting that we have set up for you. The game is an excellent import of the real world sport into the online games arena, and it successfully simulates the subtleties of trap shooting and aiming, all with your friends around. The game is pure, unadulterated addiction, where you need to finish the courses in the trap shooting event. The storyline sees you putting together a nice trap shooting setup and inviting your friends over for some fun. Now, you need to enter the contest in a turn based manner and complete the various levels of trap shooting. You need to complete each level by getting more than half of the traps and move along the levels in an action packed shooting arena. The first prize is a real secret which you and your friends have decided for the winner, from the person who is the lowest at the score board. Another interesting concept of awarding prizes is there, which can be checked out in the game. The game also lets you customize the base game play so that you can have a different experience every time you try out the game. Overall, the entire setup is addictive and it lets you have a lot of fun while having some shooting adventure with your buddies.
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