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Red Code Defend yourself against the giant insects!
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Game Article:
Red Code An addictive shooting game which puts you in the place of a world saving hero, Red Code is about saving the world from giant insects from outer space which have made their way in. The game is mainly about battling the giant insects which come from another planet and now want to capture Earth for their growing population. The insect community hailing from space has a few strong opponents and some level bosses, which make the fights a living hell for you and test your aiming, patience and guts. The game proceeds in addictive level based game play, where you need to fight an entire level of blood sucking insects and then proceed to the level bosses for clearing the levels. The game is simple in game play but still has a lot of variety and variable outcomes. You need to fight the insects depending on their type, and this specially holds for the level bosses and the ultimate boss. The level based fights would see you fighting cockroaches which form the base army of the insects and who are late joined by the bees for some additional challenge. Various weapons have been given in the game for helping you out with different classes of insects and assisting you in final level fights. You have launchers for the bees and handgun for the cockroaches and various other powerful weapons for the end. You need to be on a lookout for weapon stashes and ammo because every weapon, except the handgun, has limited ammo. The overall game play experience and styling is addictive. The game draws its feel from the addictive shooting action which is in store for you.
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