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Ghetto Getaway Ever wanted to be a getaway driver?...Well heres your chance in Ghetto Getway! Race through the city streets picking up packages of guns drugs and cash all while avoiding the police. Hope your driving skills are up to par those police get tough!
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Game Article:
Ghetto Getaway An addictive game about burning the streets as a runaway driver who is on a run from the cops, Ghetto Getaway lets you practice your driving and racing skills in this addictive title. The game is mainly about the story of a city, where you have graduated in the crime family and have taken control of one of the sinister sects of the mafia. You have been given the duties of that section by your uncle, one of the powerful men in the world of crime, and you need to prove him right in the eyes of other mafia leaders. Since your position is quite big for your age, the tasks are tougher than ever. The basic game play relies on your ability to drive and maneuver through the city streets and avoiding cop traces or chases. You need to be quick behind the wheel and should avoid getting caught or chased down at all costs. The game also has the concept of pickups, where you need to pick up packages which are crucial to the drug deals and weapon deals which get you money in the business. You need to collect them from the places and deliver them properly, somewhat like the Grand Theft Auto series game play. The other options of the game play include pickup races in the middle of the city and showdowns between enemies in the mafia. Cop chases and drug deals for the inherent part of the addictive title, and brings the fun into the game. Overall, the game is really addictive and promises hours of fun game play. The sounds and everything else in the game is top notch and you are left thirsty for more.
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