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Imperium Build an awesome army and send it into battle! Manage your resources like Iron and Witches. Import and export resources capture territory and wage war!
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Game Article:
Imperium An addictive game about building the kingdom and managing it, Imperium lets you practice a fully fledged strategy mechanism and follow into war with fully prepared resources, army and support. The game is a complete strategy game in all respects, and it lets you do everything that commercial games let you do, all in an online format. You have the main story of a kingdom which is at war with other nations and is currently developing some additional firepower to take its enemies down. You need to manage the resources of the kingdom and also maintain your army for defeating the forces of another kingdom. The game proceeds in steps, where you need to build your army and your kingdom and then proceed to fighting your enemies or those who wish to capture your territory. The game mainly relies upon your management skills because you donít need to do much in the fighting department. There are some important resources which need to be accumulated by either farming or by putting your villagers to work. Moreover, you need to educate your people and train your men in army to form a formidable side. You have different styles of game play and many types of units which can be trained in the game. You have soldiers, super soldiers and witches for units and each has a specific function. You also have elephants, horses and catapults which serve in the fight. Along with many other things, you need to concentrate on their development using the available resources. Overall, the game is quite addictive and promises to be a lot of fun. A different game play style and a plethora of options make this game one of the best online strategy game.
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