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Indestruco Copter Blow up enemy helicopters! Its fun!
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Game Article:
Indestruco Copter An addictive game about dog fights in the skies, Indestruco Copter lets you have fun in a chopper and blow enemy choppers to shreds using your powerful weapons. The game is mainly about blowing up the helicopters which are a threat to the nation and using your powerful air fleet to show your enemies the power of your country. The game allows you to use several options and lets you upgrade your firepower by collecting power ups and bonuses in the rounds. The game is mainly based on killing in time and upgrading your weapons for higher levels and intense fights in the sky. The basic game offers you two options, tutorials and the actual game. The tutorial effectively teaches you aiming concepts of the game and lets you practice them before entering a serious fight. The next mode is the main mode where you participate in the actual fight and blow down your enemies in an addictive shooting fiesta. You need to rely on your aim and your timing for shooting the rockets because there is a little time lag in the rockets depending upon the range of the enemy from the chopper. Moreover, you need to take down the enemy choppers before they cross your aim else they will fire you and make you lose decent amount of health. Survival in the game is preventing your health points from reaching the minimum and taking out all the enemies in the fray. Overall, the game is quite addictive due to the shooting action it provides. The intense dog fights and super moves in the air allow for some good fun and you can have fun with a couple of friends in this online shooter and flying game.
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