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Strategy Defense 3 Strategy Defense taken to a new level -- Control an entire army!
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Game Article:
Strategy Defense 3 The next installment of a highly successful game, Strategy Defense 3 is deeper, more intense than all its previous versions and calls for an addictive experience. The game is a classic strategy game which has been customized to increase the depth of the game play and provide a different experience than its predecessors. The game play is varied and vast, so you basically cannot categorize it as a simple online game. The main motive is the same, defending your castle from incoming armies which have the destruction of your castle as their aim. But, what has changed is bound to leave you spellbound. So, starting with the game play, we have an all new control system which lets you take control of the entire part of the castle. It is not limited to portion by portion defense mechanism of previous versions and you have a challenging experience all times due to the enemies attacking from all the sides. The control system lets you organize your army over the entire castle and balance your resources in such a way that they are present at the right place and on the right time. You have different archers, soldiers and horsemen which need to be controlled and which assist you in your endeavor to save your castle. Apart from the army, you have a system of upgrades which make your castle stronger and increase the capability of your army in exchange of cash and experience earned from eliminating different enemy armies. Overall, the game is addictive and a better experience than the previous versions of Strategy Defense. The game play and sound system are all awesome, and are bound to go down in your good books.
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