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Duck N Cover Shoot as many ducks as you can. Dont get hit by a low flying duck or egg.
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Game Article:
Duck N Cover An addictive game which takes you back to your childhood days, Duck N Cover is a simple shooting game which has been modified to make it interesting. The game is a simple shooting game where you need to get as many ducks as you can, while avoiding their hits and eggs. The main game play is about getting the ducks by moving your mouse over to them and reloading while necessary. These are the objectives of the game, including the dodging of the eggs and low flying ducks which have the sole aim of hitting and eliminating you from the scene. Every gun round gives you 8 bullets loaded, and you need to take out the maximum ducks without reloading. Every hit that you make gives you a positive score while every miss sets you back by the same amount. A reload clip takes some amount from your accumulated points, thus you should reload only when your gun approaches 1 or 2 rounds. The overall feel of the game is addictive and you have a sure shot winner of a shooting game at hand. The sounds and music for the game have been done to remind you of the days when you used to play this on your Nintendo and arcades. Overall, the game is really addictive and becomes fun because it takes you back to your childhood and lets you have fun like a little kid. Knocking ducks out of the skies becomes your favorite pastime, especially when you have a couple of friends around.
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