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Whiteboard Tower Defense Your whiteboard is under attack in this defense style game. Draw your cannons and army men to defend your whiteboard now!
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Game Article:
Whiteboard Tower Defense An addictive game which brings simplistic core strategy game play into the online flash games world in a different way, Whiteboard Tower Defense lets you protect your whiteboard from incoming enemies. The game is a differently styled defense game, where you need to prevent your whiteboard from being damaged by the critters, which are all set to take away your respect and humiliate you. You need to build towers and protect yourself. The game is a true masterpiece in online gaming and it lets you explore various options and methods for taking care of these critters. The game is level based where each level differs from the previous one in terms of attack strength and variety. You have a complete arsenal at your side and a full control panel which can be used to gain an idea about the setup. You mainly need to prevent the critters from crossing the boundary which has been created on the whiteboard. Apart from that, various towers are there which can assist you in this task but you need to get the cash for upgrading to them. Cash comes easy in the game, by killing the critters which are a threat to your respect. Every tower has some damage, range and a special function which decides its application and this is to be kept in mind, along with the tower cost. You can even upgrade the towers using cash which is a practice that is highly recommended in this addictive game, for tackling the next stronger wave. Overall, the game is quite addictive and interesting due to the different game play and various options present in the game. A must try for all online strategy games lovers!
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