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Mini Jump See how far you can jump and try not to get hurt!
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Game Article:
Mini Jump An addictive game about running quickly and jumping into the Mini that is parked in the lot, Mini Jump is a simple yet addictive game which has nothing fancy, but still manages to sustain your attention. The game is mainly about running and jumping safely into the Mini. How many times have you had the need to jump into the car, when you are getting late for something and just wish that you can directly jump inside and zoom off? This game puts you in that situation, and asks you to do what you canít really do always, running and jumping into the Mini. The game is mainly divided into levels, where each level defines something new and challenging in the game. Your main aim is to get the maximum score by jumping into the car without hurting yourself and running quickly. You have certain factors which influence your score in this addictive game, and you need to be considerate of them if you want to score well. The game gives you a maximum of 10 jumps per round, where you need to jump into the vehicle without hurting yourself. The score is a cumulative effort of the 10 jumps and you need to do well in all of them. The jumping depends upon the distance in the car and you when you actually jump for the seat, and your perfect landing. Any hit with the Mini is a negative point into your score, while a stunt or a trick performed in mid air adds an extra point to the score. Overall, the game is quite simple and very addictive and involves some nice moves into the trick department.
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