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Mario Racing Tournament Another great addition to a large line of Classic Mario games. Play as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, the Princess or more and win the race. Collect items along the way to help you. Play Mario Racing Tournament now!
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Game Article:
Mario Racing Tournament An addictive game which brings back the old school arcade field, Mario Racing Tournament lets you play some racing games in the world of Mario and have a lot of fun with the video game character people relate to. The game’s main USP is the cast of characters which can play the game, because you can play as Mario and have a lot of fun in the game. The game is a proper racing action with a lot of stunts and we have the Mario universe getting itself involved in some cute, addictive racing which you can enjoy. The basic game play, sound and graphics are all good in the game and this adds another few points in its overall rating. The basic game play is about clearing the races while time is left and coming out tops in the Mario universe. The game has an interesting system of movement of the karts in the game and this is further improved upon by adding the concept of power ups. The game lets you race around, use boosts and jump in the air as part of your regular action movements in the game. You can play as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and the Princess and unlock more characters as you go along. The system of power ups gives you various options which need to be collected and they can give you a variety of things like coins, speed ups, and some weapons which can be used on your fellow racers. Overall, the entire game play experience is addictive and it becomes even more interesting due to the Mario universe being involved in it. The entire setup is too addictive to be ignored for long!
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