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Gem Craft: Chapter 1 The mother of all defense games. Multiple maps, gems, upgrades and a great story line. What more could you ask for? Play Gem Craft Now!
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Game Article:
Gem Craft: Chapter 1 An addictive game which tests your skills in the department of strategy and combat, Gem Craft: Chapter 1 is the first installment of the addictive series of interesting strategy games of Gem Craft world. The game is mainly a strategy game where you need to utilize your resources effectively for having a complete experience. The game is the first complete strategy game which is available in an interesting online version and it lays emphasis on the basic aspects of the strategy world. The game progresses in various maps and levels, and you need to perform different duties for excelling at the game and completing your missions. The game puts you in the shoes of wizard of the Gem Craft world, where you need to save various inhabitants and protect your land from different enemies. The game throws different challenges at you and you need to tackle them by organizing and using your resources. The entire scenario is dependent on the gems and utilization of resources. Gems are the most important aspect of the Gem Craft world, and they need to be created in order to tackle various enemies of the kingdom. There are upgrades, improvements and an interesting assortment of gems which can be used in the game. However, for creating powerful gems, you need to use various other resources. Every gem has a special power which can be used in the towers and for attacking the monsters and other harmful enemies. Overall, the game is quite addictive and complete for an online strategy game. The entire setup and scenario appeals to every strategist playing online games, and this is where the game scores well.
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