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Bubble Tanks 2 Build your bubble into the biggest bubble of all! Battle your way through a bubble universe blasting your enemies and adding their bubbles to your own. Grow bigger and get better weapons to defeat the ultimate bubble and win the game. With 2 ways to play, 50 enemies to battle, more than 26 power-ups, and 30 weapons, Bubble Tanks 2 is bubbling over with online excitement! Play now!
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Game Article:
Bubble Tanks 2 An addictive game with a lot of variety and options of different styles of game play, Bubble Tanks 2 is one of the most comprehensive online arcade games up to date. The game is actually bubbling with a lot of options and game play variety. You have different styles, modes and means of playing the game that you actually cannot have enough of it. The game has been designed for all kind of audiences and this is why it has been made so much fun. With a simplistic yet varied game play, you cannot expect anything more from this addictive title. The game is quite detailed in the options it gives to you, and this is what makes it so addictive. For the game play, you mainly need to show your life in this universe of bubbles where you follow a set pattern of birth and death in the game, starting from scratch and ending as a big bubble. However, the game is not a life description, it is actually your journey through the universe, conquering every enemy that comes your way and growing to massive proportions. The game mainly asks you to finish all the enemies that come in your way, by making you a destructive bubble tank. You need to kill enemy bubbles and take over their bubbles for growing. Apart from this, you are also given various power ups in the game which add variety to the game play. Using these, you can build up power, speed and some special attributes which assist you in the game. Overall, the game is quite addictive and brings together some nice elements of addictive nature which make the game really interesting and deep.
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