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Tom and Jerry: Refrigerator Raid Play either Tom and protect the food from the rodent infestation, or play Jerry and help get as much food as possible. Play Tom and Jerry: Refrigerator Raid Now!
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Game Article:
Tom and Jerry: Refrigerator Raid An addictive game which gives you the option of two varied forms of game play, Tom and Jerry: Refrigerator Raid lets you play as Jerry or Tom in different style of campaigns. The game play is quite simple and this is what makes the game more interesting than ever. You can play as any of the characters and can complete the missions in an addictive game play form. Your basic task is to either protect the food from getting stolen by Jerry and Nibbles or steal the food from refrigerator while preventing Tom from catching Nibbles or you. The game starts with a quick choice between characters and the difficulty level. After choosing from Easy, Medium or Hard and between Tom or Jerry, you proceed to the actual game play. While playing as Tom, your aim is to prevent Nibbles and Jerry from stealing the food and running away. You need to use your water balloons and take them out by properly timing your balloons and hitting them. At the most, you can miss five times in the total game play. While playing as Jerry, your aim is to pick up food from refrigerator and drop it into Nibbles� mouth. While doing this you need to avoid getting hit by the balls being thrown by Tom in an attempt to harm you. If you get hit three times, its game over and you are Tom�s meat. The game has been designed really well and it brings the addictive arcade action to life in this online game. Overall, the game is really addictive and has a lot of features which can make it become one of the best arcade games available online!
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