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Pandemic II You are in control of a deadly disease. Pick the type, and as the disease grows increase its lethality.
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Game Article:
Pandemic II An addictive game with a totally different plot line, Pandemic II lets you become the villain and cause mayhem in the entire world by using your deadly disease. The game is quite interesting and addictive due to the different line it handles. Instead of the regular zombie fests caused by outbreaks of diseases, you are given the power of creating an ultimate disease which can wipe out humanity or make them so weak that you can rule on them. The game approach is all different, and that is what makes it so addictive. The entire game play is based on your pet disease, which is to cause a pandemic and take over the entire world. The game proceeds in levels, where you are given a target which needs to be infected by your disease. Every level has a new target, and slowly and steadily you can improve your disease so much that it can take over the entire world. You have to do precisely that, and improve your disease in such a way that there is no cure for it in the medicinal world. The way to master this game is building a nice disease, and repeatedly improving it so that it cannot be caught or cured. You would be given warnings of an upcoming cure, and that is when you need to change the genetic structure of the disease and cause more mayhem. The disease is quite flexible genetically, and you can have a lot of fun by using proper changes in the genes. Overall, the game is quite addictive and interesting because of the varied game play and a different style of game play being promised by it.
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