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Sundown Shootout Get ready for a showdown and become the fastest gun in town! Its time for a Sundown Shootout! The objective of the game is to fire your weapon very quickly and accurately. You must outgun your opponent and reduce his HP to 0 to win a duel. Try to reach the target area quicker than your opponent. You can buy guns and clothes to increase your chances of winning. You can also play mini-games after you buy the needed items. Have Fun!
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Game Article:
Sundown Shootout An addictive online shooting game about cowboys and the spirit of the west, Sundown Shootout is a challenging game which offers you various game modes and different mini games which bring the feel of the west. And oh, there are some cool customizations to take your heart away! The basic game storyline is about a town in the time of cowboys, where you have been challenged to a duel by someone. You now need to prove yourself and show them that you are nothing less than the best around. The game asks you to do some cool moves with the guns and also lets you earn cash for every duel which can be used to increase your style quotient and be the best cowboy in town. The game is mainly a level based game, where you need to fight different cowboys at different levels. You need to beat them at duels by shooting at the given target, faster and better than your opponent. Your aim depends upon the accuracy and your reflexes, so both are important in the game. Apart from the regular duels, you can even place bets and win some cash to buy new clothes or guns. They also influence your style meter and fetch you more points for the overall score. The game is quite entertaining, and also offers you various mini games which can be played besides the duels. These games require some experience in the world and also some respect, which can be achieved by completing the initial duels. Overall, the game is an addictive shooting game which brings a lot of action with it and blows you away with its pace.
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