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Pirates Vs. Ninjas Who would win in if a pirate fought a ninja? Play the game and see for yourself! The objective of the game is to complete missions for both sides. One hit kills you and the same goes with your enemies so make sure you strike first. Make sure you dont run out of lives. Have fun!
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Game Article:
Pirates Vs. Ninjas An addictive game which brings a new style of fighting to the online games genre, Pirates Vs. Ninjas is all about finding out who is better and completing missions based on the life of a pirate and a ninja. The game is mainly about finding out which one of them is a better class of swordsmen. We have see pirates and ninjas exhibit some epic sword fighting skills, and this is the game which finds out the better among them. The game allows an addictive portion of game play in the form of a ninja and the rest addictive half as a pirate. You get the viewpoint of both the classes and can even use it to complete fights among a pirate and a ninja. The game proceeds in levels where you need to kill the pirates or the ninjas as per your role. There are two modes in the game play, mission and versus. The mission mode is about completing the objectives of each level by killing the required number of pirates in the game. You start out as a ninja and can later switch to pirate after beating the game once. The versus mode is unlocked after you complete the game once, and this mode is the real addictive attraction of this game. You can find out the better man among them by conducting battles and controlling one class from them. This makes the game really addictive due to the amount of action it guarantees. Overall, the game is extremely addictive and fun to play due to the versus action and the level based fights which it offers. Pirates or ninjas, you can control anyone and find out the best of the best.
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