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Nonoba Racer In Nonoba Racer you race against your friends to win coins to pimp and improve your car to get an unfair advantage. You can create your own race with three different tracks.
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Game Article:
Nonoba Racer An addictive game which brings the multiplayer action to the fore, Nonoba Racer is all about participating in the multiplayer races, winning credits and using them in game to improve your car for added advantage. The game is a complete multiplayer experience with a proper setup for multiplayer matchmaking and servers. You mainly need to enter the servers and participate in races for getting the hang of the addictive game play. The game gives the opportunity to guests for trying out the game and participating as a registered user if they like the game. There are two main components to the game, the multiplayer system and the racing elements along with the upgrades. The multiplayer part comes to the fore from the start, where you are selected in a matchmaking event and are transferred to the server. Some other users around the world can participate in the game with you, making it a lot more addictive then single player races. You need to take care of the thinking of your opponents and become the better racer by performing some good moves. The next main element of the game is the racing, which is really addictive. You need to time your skids and drifts well for getting ahead of other racers and becoming the best amongst them. Every race won by you gets you credits in the game which can be used to upgrade your car and getting an undue advantage over others. This keeps the game alive and makes it really addictive in the online world. Overall, the game is extremely addictive and fun to play with a lot of human players participating in the addictive racing fiesta of this game.
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