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Toy Town Tower Defense This is your castle. Monsters are coming to attack it and you must stom them. Build towers using the buttons on the main panel. Click on the tower to select it, then you can upgrade it, sell it, or change it's aura. Killing monsters earns you money to buy or upgrade towers.
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Game Article:
Toy Town Tower Defense An addictive game about saving your town from attacking monsters, Toy Town Tower Defense is a strategy game where you need to use the services of these towers for defending your toy town. A cute game which can be really addictive, Toy Town Tower Defense is mainly about defending your sweet town. The sweet toy town is a home of many toys and fun loving creatures, but they are being attacked by some monsters from the adjoining monsterland. You, being the heroic toy of this town, have to defend your town by using the powers of the towers which have been bestowed upon you by a learned man. The game shows the town castle, which is to be defended from the incoming monsters. The castle is the only station where you can stop these monsters and prevent your town from falling. Now, for defending the castle, there are certain things which can be discussed using the control panel. You need towers for killing these monsters, which require money and power for construction. You can earn money by killing the monsters coming to attack you, and power can be supplied by the power stations. Apart from these two resources, you have the various towers which have a certain range and damage, based on the cost of the tower. Using that, you need to get the maximum out of the invested money, and give an intelligent defense to your town. Apart from the towers, you need to control the hero which can give you power and extra cash. Overall, the game is quite addictive and very well made. You have a nice adventure in store for you, and the entire setup of Toy Town Tower Defense is extremely addictive.
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