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Dog Fight: The Great War Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a biplane against World War I Aces? How about what it would be like to go head to head against a Zeppelin? DogFight: The Great War is the game for you.
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Game Article:
Dog Fight: The Great War An addictive game about the in air action during the world wars, Dog Fight: The Great War is about the fighter plane fighting and the adrenaline rushes associated with such action. The game draws its storyline from the World War 1, where you are an ace pilot who is fighting for his side. Participation in dog fights and addictive missions is the theme of this game, and your actions can definitely influence the outcome of the world war. With several teams at your command, you need to use your resources well and deliver a good performance for making your side win. Apart from individual performance, you need to concentrate on team performance and achievement of goals in this addictive title. The game proceeds in levels where you can test your skills and move on to better missions. The game has two modes, single and two players. Single player mode allows you to learn the basic skills of dueling in the air fighting game and the multiplayer mode allows you to go head to head against friends. The single player mode gives you the required training in every aspect and teaches you the basic fighting mechanisms and movement which would be useful in the actual war. The multiplayer mode can be used to practice these moves against a bunch of friends for addictive hours of gaming. All in all, the game has an addictive game play, awesome graphics and decent sound for an online game title. Overall, it is extremely addictive and fun to play, especially due to the awesome simulation of the world war environment.
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