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The Hulk Get mad, get big and smash anything in your way! Don't mess around - Get after it!
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Game Article:
The Hulk An addictive game about the green monster, The Hulk explores the adventures of Bruce Banner as the Mighty Hulk, the menace. The game explorers the powerful alter ego of Dr Bruce Banner, The Hulk, and his rampage through the city. For the game play, you are required to damage each and everything in sight. You amass points by damaging public property and vehicles, and the more damage you cause, the higher your score goes. The game lays the basic objective as smashing through the buildings in the area. You need to give the military and the government a tough time, and cause the maximum property loss possible. Apart from this, you also need to take out the vehicles which are coming in to damage you. They can be trams, jeeps, tanks and helicopters, for the final stages. You need to keep yourself safe from their fire and eliminate them too. Tank, choppers and rocket jeeps; you have enough firepower to contend and use in the game. Apart from these vehicles, you have a limited time period to compete with. Time is running out on you and you need to cause the maximum damage as Hulk. When the time runs out, you are exposed as Bruce Banner and all the military surrounds you for arrest. Thus, you need to complete the levels as fast as you can, by reducing all the buildings to rubble. You can even climb the building and bring them down quickly. Your insane jumping ability is also another asset and is mainly used for avoiding enemy fire and getting military vehicles quickly. Another interesting use is in bringing the structures down quickly and easily. Overall, The Hulk is an addictive action game which allows you temporary invincibility and lets you barge through the entire city at your own leisure.
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