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Traffic Slam Build up speed and create as much damage as you possibly can in the intersection! Play Traffic Slam now!
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Game Article:
Traffic Slam It is fast; it is furious and it is addictive! Presenting Traffic Slam, one of the fastest and best racing games available in the arcade world. With a new concept of racing game play, Traffic Slam is something which is all set to change the racing game world for ever. We have a combination of super game play with a lot of variety, and this is something which makes the game so addictive. The game is mainly about disrupting the traffic condition of the city by crashing through the signals and cars all around the place. The game asks you to create the highest damage score in the city by crashing into the cars on the road. Every car has some damage factor, and the more you wham into them, the higher your score goes. You need skill and timing in this game, for making the perfect crash into the vehicles. The map provides you with enough chances to cause maximum damage to the city, and you can smash into anything which is important to the city. So it can be chairs, parlors, parked cars, moving cars or stands which can give you points for slamming into them. You are even provided jump ramps where you can make insane jumps and control the car to smash into maximum things and create a high smash score. Apart from the smash up, you even have certain power ups which add more fun to the game and make it more addictive. You have nitro boots power ups for gaining insane speeds or you have double cash power ups for filling your account up. Traffic Slam is definitely addictive because it allows you to do the maximum damage that you can, and gives you points for doing that too. Who wants to miss a chance of causing extreme chaos and panic?!
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