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RagDoll Cannon Click and shoot the ragdoll man from the cannon. Hit the HERE button to go to the next lvl. Have fun...
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Game Article:
RagDoll Cannon An addictive game which deals with cannon balls and ragdoll physics in the game, RagDoll Cannon is about shooting this ragdoll and making it fall at the right spot for level clearance. The game is a simple arcade game where your cannon shoots a rag doll instead of an actual cannon ball. You have to make them land on the desired place in the level for assuring the completion of the level. The game requires exact timing and inclination of the cannon along with optimum power to clear the levels. The initial levels might seem easy, but the game becomes challenging as you progress through the level based game play. The game offers a variety of options for enjoying this addictive experience of ragdoll physics. The game has several options to choose from in the initial screen. You can train yourself in the tutorial mode which can be used for clearer understanding of the game and its physics. You can also view the instructions for better understanding of the game play, improving your experience with the game. The game progresses in a level based format where you are required to clear them on the basis of hitting the doll at the “here” mark. This requires some challenging game play options overall in RagDoll Cannon. You are even given level keys for saving your progress in the game and going to the level as an automatic save feature. The game is definitely interesting in terms of the game play it provides to online game players. Overall, the game is extremely addictive and comes across as a power packed package with a lot of replaybility.
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