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Sonic Smash Brothers Who reading this has never played SmashBros or Super SmashBros? Well if you haven't, and even if you have, you are in for a treat with this take on that wonderful game. This time, play with Sonic and the list of characters from that game and battle head to head. Sonic Smash Brothers is a game that you will never tire of.
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Game Article:
Sonic Smash Brothers A different viewpoint of the SmashBros game lineup, this awesome game is all set to get you addicted because of the extreme fun and action. A game inspired from the SmashBros lineup of games, Sonic Smash Brothers is a magnificent piece, all because of the action elements which have been integrated into the game. In a nutshell, the game is about the adventures of Sonic and his friends in various modes. For the game play, you have three modes which are Adventure, Single and Challenges. The Adventure mode puts you in the shoes of the selected character and you explore through the story mode to clear the stages and become the ultimate champion. You have to go through various levels in order to beat the final bosses, exactly like previous Sonic games. The Single mode allows you to conduct versus mode fights among the characters available in the game. Initially, you have only three characters, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles who can fight amongst themselves. For unlocking more players, you need to play the story mode and complete the game to a certain level. You have around 12 unlockable characters, each from the Sonic universe. The third mode is the challenges mode; here, you need to complete the various challenges which are thrown at you. You gain points when you finish the individual challenges, and they prove to be entertaining because they are a sorted array from the various Sonic adventure games. Overall, a very addictive game with a game play reminiscent of Sonic series, SSB is going to rock your world. The true sense of this phrase can be deciphered when you call some friends over for a versus mode matchup. You would not only have a lot of fun but you can actually take that revenge which you always wanted on your friend, Sonic style, literally!
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