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Booty Rider Starting from scratch with nothing but a babe in a bikini, you must prove that you have what it takes to race for the big money! Race bikes, jet skis and even quads as you complete your quest for fame and fortune. Upgrade your character with the latest clothing lines and learn new stunts as you gain experience. Play Booty Rider Now!
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Game Article:
Booty Rider The real thrill of racing comes when there is something valuable at stake. And this is the punch line of this game, racing for winning the ultimate tournament and enough cash to fill your bank account. This game puts you in the shoes of a seasoned racer, who is out to make it big but doesn?t have anything to start out big. Thus, the only way left with him is the slow climb up the racing ladder, which would give him cash to make a difference in the world of tweaked and custom designed race cars. Since you have nothing to start with, and are stripped to bare essentials, you start with a babe in bikini. You need to prove that you are a worthy contender and for that, you need to win some big races by beating some known names. The beauty of the game lies in the wide variety of the vehicles which you can race. Race bikes, jet skis and racing SUVs complete the lineup for a thrilling drive and leave you satisfied with the experience. Race, win and get some booty to win some more races; that is how this racing game goes. But this doesn?t make the game shallow; in fact, there is a lot of depth to it. The number of races won and the cash earned can be used to make upgrades to your car and accessories. You can even get to learn stunts using this money, and a successful execution of such stunts gives you more cash. The vicious circle of earning money, if that makes it clearer. For the last words, let me tell you that this game is really addictive. Simple controls, a good variety and a healthy dose of speed, races, chills and thrills make this game tick with the masses.
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