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Frat Boy Beer Pong Who can beat the frat boy's at beer pong and then humiliate them? Try to shoot a pong ball into his cups and drink if you miss--its hard and fun!
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Game Article:
Frat Boy Beer Pong An addictive game about beer pong, this one has stuff of which arcade dreams are made. Recognition, humiliation and cult following, this game has it all. The game play is very interesting, because it is about tossing the balls into the beer cups of the opponent. If you toss the ball successfully, then he has to drink the glass. But it isn?t as easy as it sounds, because all this while you are intoxicated yourself. You have to shoot with your mouse, and the location of the mouse pointer decides your ball trajectory. However, if you are drunk, then this pointer shakes a lot, making it difficult for you to aim. Apart from this, you also have the concept of power ups in the game. There are four types of power ups, sober up, one more shot, one turn handicap and spiked cup. The sober up power up is like a cup of coffee; it reduces your toxicity and makes you more aware of the surroundings. One more shot gives you another try after your current turn and skips the frat boy?s turn. One turn handicap is a negative power, where you have to wear sunglasses before taking the shot, making it difficult to aim. Spiked cup is another powerful bonus which delivers twice the affect on the frat boy, making it as if you hit two beer cups with one shot. The most addictive part of the game is the humiliation which can be inflicted upon your opponent which has lost the match. You can paint his face black and get him clicked for your own record. Overall, the game is extremely addictive and gives you a shot to the most addictive pub game of the time.
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