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Sponge Bob Ship O Ghouls In this funny little platform game you have to help Sponge Bob Squarepants to escape through various escape pipes!
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Game Article:
Spongebob Ship O Ghouls Another exciting, addictive and adventurous game from our lineup, this features Spongebob in a funky mode. The plot of the game has Spongebob Squarepants getting stuck in a ship which belongs to ghosts and ghouls. The ship here is the Dutchman, picked up from a famous movie series, and you have to guide Spongebob through the various obstacles spread around the ship. The challenge here is to guide Spongebob safely through the haunted ship, and prevent him from seeing the sunlight. The wreck of the ship is rising, and Spongebob needs to avoid surfacing with the ship, else our cutie would die out. The game has a simple and addictive feel to it, and you need to travel through the ship, looking for exits and safe areas which are ghost free. You can squeeze Spongebob through the pipes around the ship, and reach to newer places using these pipes. You even get to fight the ghouls while traveling through the ship, with the option adding another pinch of excitement to the game play. Apart from the regular fighting and squeezing through the pipes, you have certain power ups which increase your chances of surviving the challenge. You can use various power ups which are laid across the ship, and some of which tend to become really important in your escape. You can go invisible or pass masked using these powers, like Jack-o-Lanterns and another sea slug power up. You also have bonuses as inherent part of the game play, with life giving bonus and strength increasing, score boosting bonus in the form of burgers. This makes the game more entertaining and addictive. Overall, the game has been done well and the game play has been made addictive enough for Spongebob and non-Spongebob fans alike.
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