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Infiltraion Fight with you life meets to find the missles before the terroists uses them. Shoot and kill terrorists to retain the nuclear missles.
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Game Article:
Infiltration An addictive game about fighting the terrorists by entering their base and foiling their plans of stealing the nuclear missiles, Infiltration is all about using your skills as an assassin for the good of the planet. The game Infiltration, as the name suggests, is all about entering the terrorist stronghold and recovering the nuclear missiles which have been stolen. The story of the game revolves around the worsening situation of the world, where some terrorist groups have come together and formed a powerful organization with the aim of world domination. They have stolen 3 nuclear missiles from the defense department and plan to use them for threatening and blackmailing various countries. You, as an operative of Special Forces, need to use your skill for infiltrating the terrorist area and recovering the missiles. The basic game play revolves around clearing various levels which start from the basic of the terrorist headquarters. You need to progress through various levels by killing all the terrorists in sight and infiltrate the main facility of the terrorist camp. The game is mainly about using your movement and the various weapons which have been given to you for fighting these enemies of the world. You have a nice assortment of weapons in the game and they range from pistols to rifles to shotguns to grenade launchers, mines and a lot more. With a complete arsenal with you, you need to traverse through levels while looking for clues which can guide you to the location of the missiles. Surviving the terrorists while your troops move in for the final blow, is the toughest and the most challenging part of the game. Overall, the game is an extremely addictive shooting adventure which lets you have fun in a nice setup with all the game play elements being excellent.
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