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Billy Suicide Try to make billy not commit suicide.
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Game Article:
Billy Suicide An addictive and a different game about preventing your character from committing suicide, Billy Suicide lets you try out different things in the effort to prevent him from dying. The game is about sensing the mental stability and financial stability of Bill and preventing him from committing suicide. The game is about performing certain actions so that Billy’s needs are satisfied and he doesn’t lose his mind in the process. There are certain things to be kept in mind while playing the game and these come in handy when you need to squeeze out the maximum life time of Billy and controlling his urges. For the storyline, Billy is a convict who has been put away in a lonely jail where he is not allowed to interact with anyone else. Thus, he is getting suicidal and your job is to prevent him from taking extreme steps. He is an important witness in a case and needs to stay alive. The game is basically a point and clicks one, where you need to guide Billy through certain actions so that he can fulfill his regular needs and stay happy. The mental health should be centered on the stable area and should not go anywhere near anxiety or depression. Similarly, the financial condition should be preserved for letting him live in peace. The game also has the concept of urges; where Billy gets an urge to do something and that is to be done otherwise Billy would die. With such additions, the game becomes quite interesting and addictive to play. Overall, the game is quite addictive and extremely interesting due to the different game play style being awarded to it. A must try for everyone!
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