BLACK2 The super cool sequel to BLACK. This time better graphics, better game play and more violence
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Game Article:
BLACK2 An addictive game which forms the sequel to one of the most violent games in the online arcade world, BLACK2 is all about killing and moving around the levels in search of worthy opponents and good weapons. The game is a super cool sequel to the addictive adventure of BLACK and this is where the game picks up from. You start from the last level of BLACK and come to terms with the newer game play. You have more weapons and the action is more engrossing than the last edition, making the game more lovable than before. The game allows you to use some super cool moves and couple it with the firepower given to you in the form of 11 different weapons and grenades. The game is a worthy sequel to the original adventure and like the previous one, it advances in levels. You have to clear each level by killing all the enemies in the level and reaching the place marked as Here! The game is all about controlling your character well and using the awesome weapons which have been given to you. Apart from the extreme firepower showered on you, you have the ability to slow things down and use time to your advantage. This makes the game really interesting and gives you a chance against a lot of opponents coming together. In simple words, you are a killer machine who has a complete arsenal and the extreme possibility of changing things by using some moves and stunts. Overall, the game is a good successor with double the firepower, double the action and double the addiction.
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