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Tarzan Jump Jump along the level with the almight Tarzan.
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Game Article:
Tarzan Jump An addictive game which allows you to game and create, Tarzan Jump offers you something unique, a try at level design! The game is about swinging along with Tarzan in his journey through the jungle. The game is adventurous and the bushy feel to it is quite addictive. The game actually tests your timing and movement while avoiding obstacles and collecting the maximum number of diamonds that you can. For the game play, you have the side scrolling action which is characteristic of many successful games. You need to clear the level in the number of lives which have been given to you, and also make the highest score by collection diamonds. The two major components to the game are level clearance and diamond collection. Level clearance can be done if you make intelligent use of your surroundings. Like the alligators are useful in clearing stretches of water easily while the vines are useful in swinging harmlessly over various obstacles. You can move through the level and your progress is denoted by the green status bar beneath the health bar. It tells you how much area you have covered, giving you a fair idea of the challenge lying ahead. Diamonds are like bonuses and give you points which govern your score. Collecting them is easy but doing that while avoiding the obstacles is a challenge. You even have the Edit mode which allows you to make custom levels by laying together various obstacles and creating a unique level. You can even test your self created level and forward to your friends. Overall, Tarzan Jump is an addictive game with new game play options which appeal to every fan of side scrollers. And with the addictive music in the background, you just wont stop playing this game.
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