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Village Defense Kill the waves of the demon villagers. Buy Men with gun and traps. Once the village get to the House it is game over.
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Game Article:
Village Defense An addictive game about preventing the village from going under siege, Village Defense is all about killing the demons which are out to take away your village control from you. The game is mainly about setting up your defenses and then testing them against the waves of many demon villagers which want to take over your village. These demons come from another village which has waged war upon your peaceful civilization, forcing you into war and making you prepare for their incoming attacks. The game lets you employ men and machines to do the killing job for you and they do not disappoint you. Using the resources that you have, you can upgrade your defenses and use the gold collected from killing these demon villagers for upgrading your force. The game is mainly about placing defenses against the incoming enemies. You have the ability to choose from the vast sets of villagers, equipment and other units which can complete the job for you. Using the different types of resources available to you, you can place these units along the path of the demons and they will finish their job of killing their enemies. You have Melee specialist, which have a lot of damage against the ground units. Apart from that, you can build towers which can take care of the ground and air units and can be upgraded to better damage and range. You can even use traps in the game which prove to be very helpful but donít always last long. Overall, the game is really addictive and fun to play due to a complete adventure it offers you and a whole lot of options which can be used in the game.
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