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Auto Blitz Get ready to move! This game is great and just happens to be a helluva lot of fun!
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Game Article:
Auto Blitz An addictive racing game with pure arcade feel, Auto Blitz has everything which is required in a classic racing game with multi player game play. Basically, the game is about racing through the various levels which form the core of the game play. You have various modes in the game, and you can choose any one of them at any time, after unlocking them. You have championship, training and street race as the modes of the game, and each of them have a different set of tracks. The game begins with a quick customization of your ride, which includes color schemes, suspension, parts and other tweaks. Each of these tweaks can be undertaken at a later stage also, provided you have enough cash to support your modifications. Coming to the modes, you have the training as the first. This mode shows you the basics of the game and lets you gain enough practice to participate in the big league. You can try your hand on any track you want and explore further areas. The street racing mode is the next, and here is the place to earn big cash and some respect. You can challenge other street racers for a quick race and put some cash at stake, which can be later used for upgrading your cars. The championship mode is the league where you compete against the best racers of the world in a lap based format, and fight it out for the first place. The multi player is another area where the game excels and becomes really addictive. Overall, the game is real fun and has enough variety to get you sweetly addicted to the action. The graphics are good and so is the sound system, and dull moments are really hard to come by in this fast game.
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