Buzz Decorate you Bumble Bee in different colours then Defend the hive. You have one big gun and later on you get a Queen bee to kill.
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Game Article:
Buzz An addictive game with a difference and a lot of style, Buzz lets you dress yourself up and defend your hive in a bee based shooting game where you are the defender! The game is mainly about dressing up your bee and making it look different from others. Customize it with various things, change its color, add accessories and change it into a customized Bee fighter which is ready to take on the world in a defend your hive mission. You can add different hairstyles, give new color and clothes to your bee before embarking on a dog fight with other bees for defending your hive. The game play mainly concentrates on shooting game experience, where you need to control your bee and defend your hive which is under attack by dangerous creatures from other worlds. Your level of game play and the difficulty would depend upon your skill, and it is a differential based game play where more enemies and tougher ones enter to make the game more challenging and addictive. There are two main types of weapons which can be used by you. You have the classic bee weapon gun which needs to be aimed and shot like other guns and also requires a timely reload. On the other hand, there is a grenade launcher, which launches grenades in bulk and can be used to damage more bees in one shot. The bees which attack your hive also vary with skill, with normal bees and armed bees coming in and causing a different amount of damage upon striking. Overall, the game is pretty addictive and is a bit different than the classic shoot’em up games. the experience is memorable and you wouldn’t want to miss an addictive title like this.
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