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Gangster Pursuit Shoot all the gang members as the police officer.
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Game Article:
Gangster Pursuit An addictive game about cleaning the city streets as the lovable police officer, Gangster Pursuit allows you to take on the streets with the single aim of clearing all the gangsters out. The basic game play is like any shooting game, where you are given a set of targets which need to be killed before the time expires. You have a side scroller based game play and you need to perform combination moves to kill the criminals. However, this game has been modified a bit to give you a different experience every time you play it. You have gangster killing at the core, and some added missions are included to give you bonuses and make the game more addictive. The game is based on a level system, where you need to clear each level by getting a minimum number of criminals. You start with picking up a character and then customizing his look and assets for giving a personal touch. After that, it is a journey through the under belly of the street. The training sessions teach you how to tackle every situation and what all possible situations can arise in this adventurous game and the mission briefings inform you of the task that needs to be done. With each successive level up, you encounter more dangerous criminals and take care of the crime scenario of the city with added force. Overall, the game is quite addictive and offers a different kind of game play. The sound system and the graphics have been custom made to suit the racy feel of the game and that is why they deliver well.
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