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WasteLand This 3D first person shooting game as 4 Different weapons from a hand gun to a machine gun. Kill or be Killed
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Game Article:
Waste Land An addictive game about laying waste the entire land by killing all the people which you find, Waste Land is all about killing and using your different weapons for maximum effect. The game is mainly about shooting and killing with the different guns which have been given to you. You need to kill all the people and leave no survivors in this fast paced action oriented game and this makes it really interesting. The addictive 3D shooting action of the game makes it worth your time and the action which this game provides in online arcade format is awesome too. The mission based division of the game makes it really addictive and the various different mission objectives make the game quite deep and give it a lot of variety. The game is mainly mission based and every mission has added episodes in it. You have 5 episodes to every mission and they function as the objectives of the game play. For completing every mission, you need to clear all the episodes by killing all the enemies. The game has two main aspects, your health and your ammunition. You need to have enough health and you are given pickups for replenishing any points which you might have lost on hits. You are even given ammo boxes to ensure that you do not finish your ammo before finishing up the goons. The game also has some interesting weapons to use in the game like the Ingram, the rifle and the pistol. You have rocket launcher wielders, machine gunners and normal footmen to take care of in the game. Overall, the game is really addictive due to the varied game play in an interesting mission format along with a lot of shooting and killing.
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