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Bee Buzz Collect the Honey and pollen and take it back to the hive. How long can you last...
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Game Article:
Bee Buzz An addictive game about collecting the honey and pollen and taking it to the hive, Bee Buzz is all about your role in the hive and collecting the necessary elements which can make your hive grow and flourish. The game is a pretty neat adventure where you need to travel around the levels in search of honey and flowers and then you need to deposit into the hive for its growth and prosperity. The game is mainly about lasting till you reach your hive for energy and collecting the stuff which is necessary for the hive in its growth. The game has been made well because it excels in all the departments of game play, graphics and sound. The game has the sole aim of depositing as much honey as you can while taking care of the time and the energy that you possess in the game. The main thing in the game is the HUD which you have been provided. The HUD shows you your energy left, the time left, the points collected and how much more you need to collect for clearing the level. The game has some interesting moments where you need to do some quick flying and emerge winners. Sine energy is an important aspect of the game, you have various opportunities where you can regain your energy, by using flowers or by sitting on the ground for replenishing your levels. The game has some really nice graphics and sounds associated with it and that makes the game really worth trying for some addictive arcade fun. Overall, the game is a masterpiece in terms of the arcade gaming is concerned and is made addictive by the awesome game play elements in it.
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