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Mustang Dogfight Mustang dogfight is an action shooting game where you play as Allies fighter pilot against Axi.
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Game Article:
Mustang Dogfight An addictive fighting game with lots of action in the air, Mustang Dogfight is all about fighting the Axis aircrafts with your Allies machinery in crucial stages of World War II. The game is a pure action fun where you need to take down enemy aircrafts in epic battles of the world war second. You are an ace pilot of the Allied forces and you need to complete various missions which are crucial for Allies victory. The game is all about moving around in the skies and hitting nice shots to take down the enemy aircrafts. Moreover, you have the option of taking out many entities in the game and replenishing your supplies with the falling parachutes in the game. The game is mission based where you need to clear each mission by completing the mission objectives. You have a nice maneuvering system in the game which lets you engage in some addictive dog fights in the sky. Apart from that, you need to complete the mission briefings too, most of which involve some nice dog fights in the stage. You are briefed about every mission before the start of the level and you need to complete all the missions to ensure that your team wins. The game gives you the option of cannons and missiles which need to be used intelligently in the game. Along with that, you can upgrade your plane stats by increasing its speed and rotation. Missiles are an important weapon and thus, you need to make a good use of their homing capability. Overall, the game is really addictive and fun to play due to the addictive dog fights and lots of action in the air.
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